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The Destroyer Memorial 1.jpg

Unveiled by HRH Prince Philip on 14 November 2007 and dedicated to the men who lost their lives on HM Destroyers during the 1939-45 war this memorial consists of two adjacent parts. HMS CAVALIER a World War 2 Destroyer is alongside and permanently moored at the Historic Naval Dockyard Chatham and is dedicated to the 142 RN destroyers destroyed by enemy action.








Rear of the Destroyer Memorial listing all 142 destroyers lost in World War II


A few steps away is a massive bronze wall sculpted in high relief by the renowned Kenneth Potts. This wall shows a destroyer engaged in the sort of activity experienced by so many in the vastness of the North Atlantic including rescuing survivors.  The Roll of Honour not only lists the RN ships lost but also records the sacrifices of British, Dominion, and other allied destroyers lost in that war. 







Close-up of the Destroyer Memorial dedication plaque

The Destroyer Memorial 2.jpg
The Destroyer Memorial 3.jpg
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