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Each year in April the GLARAC association join the FAA Pilot’s Association at a Service of Remembrance here. For details please check the events page.
The new Church in Martindale was built in 1880, replacing the old church of St. Martin, in the early English style of architecture, and has a nave and chancel, with vestry, bell turrett, and south western porch. 









Inside of St. Peter’s Church

Of special note is the window dedicated to St Nicholas, patron saint of sailors. This is in memory of Commander W.H. Parkin, and the men of HMS Glorious. It shows an airman's view of the aircraft carrier plowing through the waves, with the stars of heaven above. At the top is the phoenix bird, which renews itself perpetually in the flames.





















The memorial window at St. Peter’s Church

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St Peters Church 3.jpg
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