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Remember Your Ancestors


Hello, and welcome to the new look HMS Acasta website. Unfortunately due to issues with the previous site I am having to rebuild the whole website so please bear with me while I begin this huge task.


This website is my dedication to all who served on-board HMS Acasta, and a lasting tribute to the bravery of both my Grandfather, Cyril 'Nick' Carter, and his fellow crew members. We shall remember them...


My hope is that this website can become an invaluable reference to anyone with an interest in the history of HMS Acasta and her crew, and also a place where the families and friends of those who served can share their memories, stories and tributes.


For further information on the events of 8th June 1940, and details of the other ships involved, you are recommended to visit the GLARAC (GLorious, ARdent, ACasta) website 


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For a selection of books which I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in the events surrounding the loss of HMS Acasta, HMS Ardent and HMS Glorious then please click below.


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If you have any pictures, stories or documents relating to HMS Acasta please get in contact. Also, if anyone notices any errors, or links not working, I would be grateful if you could notify the site. 

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